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Zac Efron 2009 - Part 15: My year is played out...

I work the crowds,

And they work me.

Sometimes things get a bit weird,

Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the cameras,

the signs,

the autograph hunters,

and the questions.

But you know what, all that's okay because...

I have amazing loved ones and friends behind me all the way,

I have a job I love,

And I get to do crazy things like sit courtside at the Lakers,

Perform at the Oscars,

and host SNL...

I walk red carpets,

and orange carpets,

and green carpets,

I get to meet people I admire,

and so many awesome fans all over the world...

I look back with joy and thanks and forward with optimism and anticipation.

2010, BRING IT ON!

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