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Zac posts a thank you to fans on Zefron

Thanks for the birthday book. The pages are filled with so many wonderful memories! I can’t believe what a gifted group you are. The poetry and art work are absolutely mind blowing. What a masterpiece. Every year you guys are becoming more and more talented. Obviously, I’m not the only one growing up ;-) It’s heartwarming to read your adventures, experiences and confessions. It’s inspiring to read about your hopes and dreams. Everything is happening so fast in my life, I feel like I missed that moment where I was supposed to enjoy to the scenery. Thanks for giving back that moment.

Just wanted to say once again how grateful I am to have such devoted fans. Having you by my side on this journey gives me the confidence to do anything! I guess we’re growing up together. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing so much joy in your words! You are the best part of what I do. I love you all. Thanks for believing in me. I won’t let you down.

Forever yours,


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