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"And that’s when I finally realized he wasn’t gay."

The Bobby Bones Radio Show from Austin, Texas – Monday, June 30, 2008

Bobby Bones describes his conversation with Vanessa during his visit on the set of her movie, Rock On, back in March, 2008:

Bobby: Also coming out tomorrow – Vanessa Hudgens’ Identified, so I’ll be sending her another text message saying, “Hey, you want me to play your music?” She’s been ignoring me since our big movie debut.

Other Guy: I thought you really became friends with her, too.

Bobby: We did! We were hanging out all the time. I guess her boyfriend, Zac, got jealous of me so

Other Guy: He saw pictures of y’all and said, “Hey, can’t be having that!”

Bobby: Yeah!

Other Guy: I really wish you would’ve been in Us Weekly or you know, People, walking down the street getting coffee

Bobby: Yeah, me, too.

Other Guy: Like you and her sitting down at Starbucks like, “Oh, who’s the mystery man?”

Bobby: Yeah me, too. I thought about that a lot.

Other Guy: Have you really like gone over that in your head?

Bobby: I wish ‘cause we were really friendly with each other, but I knew she had a boyfriend, and she didn’t want to deal with it, or I’d have been like, “Hey, can we just walk down the street and hold hands for a minute and let somebody take our picture and e-mail it around and let them figure out who I am so I could use a little bit of that notoriety? You know, she would talk to her boyfriend, what’s his name, Zac Efron?

Other Guy: Yeah.

Bobby: She would talk to him on the phone and they’d be like, “Oh, love you Baby. I love you, too Baby”, so I knew there was no chance. And that’s when I finally realized he wasn’t gay. Unless he’s really tricking her, too.

Other Guy: Right.

Bobby: “Cause I don’t think it’s a set up deal where they’re just trying to keep them together so the High School Musical thing succeeds because they sure were lovey dovey talking to each other.”

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