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More pics/videos/story from the party


sassy grandmas FTW! and lol at the papz schooling the bouncer.

another papz video w/ many of their friends including mr. lennon and kid (lol), sterling knight, etc.

e!'s article

Not only is Zac Efron a total babe, he's also a good boyfriend!

Just last night, he threw girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens a surprise 21st birthday party at East with about 100 of her closest friends.

"Zac made sure everyone she would want there was there," a partygoer tells E! News, including Selena Gomez, Brittany Snow, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, High School Musical director Kenny Ortega and Vanessa's songwriting team Tim James and Antonina Armato.

(Apparently, the doorman isn't up to date on his Disney stars. Watch as he asks Ashley to ID herself and even asks Selena to spell her name before letting her inside the soiree!)

The evening's only drawback? Zac really had a hard time keeping the bash under wraps, according to a restaurant source. "He said doing SNL was easier!" the insider tells us.

As for what he bought the birthday girl?

Z gave V a brand-new, high-tech digital camera. Let's hope she uses it to take appropriate pictures this time, shall we?

About an hour into the party, Hudgen’s cake was presented.

“After she blew out the candles she made a sincere speech thanking everyone again and expressing her love for her family and friends,” says our source. “Then the DJ spun Kid Cudi's remix of "Poker Face" and Vanessa danced with her friends.”

And while there's no word if Vanessa celebrated her newly legal status with cocktails, our sources say the couple were "really cute" together, dancing and kissing throughout the night.

Brittany Snow did give her friend some advice on being 21 in front of the photogs, though. "Drink responsibly and take cabs," she offered. We couldn't agree more!

there are more pics here if y'all are interested :)
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