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Random News Roundup - VMAN and misc polls

Zac was the thirteenth most searched celeb on Teen Vogue this year.

Zac was also voted one of the top ten celebs that people wanted to kiss under the mistletoe in a UK poll.

In other lulz news, Zac was voted one of the top two male celebs that UK women wanted to snuggle with in a Double Slanket (aka Snuggie). The other was Ronaldo. They call them Slanket sex gods.

Also there is an interesting article titled "Growing up in character" over at Variety.

And I haven't posted this yet, though I think many of you have seen it. I added the original for comparison.

Caption: When tweens witness Zac Efron flip his hair in high-definition, they instantly lose their virginity just like that.

It is from VMAN Magazine where artist Richard Phillips transformed the red-carpet images of six teen dreams into portraits. This is an excerpt from the article:

By depicting sought-after celebrities, Phillips is repositioning power roles. What if a Versace step-and-repeat wall is truly a distillation of the ‘fuck all y’all glamour’ of Versace? What if, in front of it, Zac Efron becomes not just a teen fantasy item for sale, but the very thing his identity purports him to be—the boy every American boy wants to be; good and maybe a little bad, American to the core without a hint of pretension, and doubling over with raw ambition (to match his lady love’s naked ambition)? He is Zac Efron, with the mystical magic of Versace glamour to back him up.

Believe it or not, the set of portraits sold for $250,000.
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