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Dec 8th
08:45 pm
Nikki comments on Hairspray 2  

Not surprising there is still nothing confirmed for Zac. But interesting that it sounds like Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman are already at work. I love them so that is exciting :D

ETA: I don't think I ever posted these, but I've been meaning to and since they are Hairspray related, I thought I'd add them on here. These quotes are from recent interviews with John Waters who has been doing press for his one-man show in Australia.

From The Star Observer:

So did Waters meet teen heart-throb Efron on the set of the musical remake of Hairspray?

“I certainly did and he was lovely. I don’t think he’s a twink — I’m from a generation and I like the word ‘chicken’ better,” Waters said.

“He heard me say this joke that what they should do if they want to catch child molesters is just sit him on a park bench and then see who comes out of the woodwork and then move him to the next city.

“I always tell him he should play a junkie and win the Oscar. So should Dolly Parton — get out of drag, play a junkie and you’ll win the Oscar.”

From The Herald Sun:

Zac Efron was in Hairspray. What is he like?

He's great. He has a good sense of humour. I kept telling him he should play a junkie and he'd win an Oscar.
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hlloyd04 on December 10th, 2009 10:18 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts! First, thanks for going into detail, as I mentioned previously I do enjoy reading your analysis and personal take on things.

I personally have mixed feelings about Hairspray 2, more to do with Zac's career trajectory than anything else. I enjoy musicals, I appreciate the talent that it takes to make a successful musical, I just hesitate in wanting him to do it. I feel like he'll continue to grow his female fan base with a potential HS2 and what not, I just really want him to be able to appeal to young men/older men. Not that it means anything, but I just get really sick of the men in my life, be it colleagues or personal friends that love to make fun of me for my Zac obsession and talk about how lame he is. They may be just jealous of him and how he gets to women, but I really want him to do something that will prove to everyone that he's legit and deserves respect. I think he's on his way, and have faith that his team and he will continue to make wise choices.

However, should he choose to get involved I would obviously (not that he by any means needs any approval from me :-) ) get behind it and go see it.

Thanks again!