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The ever elusive release date for The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

jeezbee has been doing some research on international release dates for Charlie St. Cloud and has found a lot of really interesting information that seems to come from Universal Pictures. She put it together for us and we've both provided our thoughts on what we think would be best for film's box office based on these other dates which tie up Zac Efron's promotional schedule. Here's what she wrote:

It seems the US release date for The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud might be indeed in June 2010. More international release dates have surfaced and they are in proximity with the previous French June date.

International Dates (as far as we know)

UK: 25 June 2010
The FDA website is a UK organization for all UK distributors and all big studios including Universal are members. The date is from their release schedule. I’ve never seen this site before but considering the membership, content etc it looks very legit.

Germany: 24 June 2010
Several reliable online film sites (1, 2, 3, 4) which would typically get release info from Universal Germany. One of them has updated the release plan with several other Universal films at the same time, reinforcing the idea that Universal provided this date. Also, even IMDb has added the German release date to the CStC IMDb Pro page.

Switzerland: German-speaking: 24 June, French-speaking: 16 June, Italian-speaking: 25 June
A film website has the full wording of the Swiss Universal subsidiary listed as distributor looks like they got it from there.

Austria: 25 June 2010
Universal Austria and another film site list this date. This makes sense as Germany & Austria have always the same release dates, with the only difference that in Germany opens movies open on Thursday (24th) and in Austria on Friday (25th). It’s a perfect match.

Italy: 25 June 2010
I found that the 25 June also separately on 3 different Italian sites (1, 2, 3). Plus, as mentioned above, Italy and the Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland also have identical release dates most of the time so this makes perfectly sense.

France: 23 June 2010
This is the date and source from an earlier post via Universal France. The release date for France and French-speaking Switzerland deviates by one week. Normally, they are identical but one week is not unthinkable.

As a side note, many of these dates seem to have come out this week, so there is some movement. These are all major international territories, so having release dates close to each other is fairly normal. The fact that all the different release dates seem to come from different local Universal subsidiaries is substantiating the fact that the individual dates are correct imo.

What does that mean for the US release date of 'Charlie St. Cloud'?

Obviously we don’t know for sure but a US studio film is normally released either before international territories or at the same time. In a few cases, UK/Australia/France get a head start but it’s never more than a week and it’s always limited to very few territories. (Cady's note: it also often has to do with international school holidays which shouldn't be in play in June)
In the case of Charlie St. Cloud, I doubt that the international release for the main territories (like UK, France, Germany, etc) is much later than the US because I don’t think Charlie St. Cloud would be ready much earlier than June because of post-production etc. I guess May could be theoretically possible but personally I don’t see this happening looking at schedules etc.
In terms of the exact date for Charlie St. Cloud in the US, I think we are at the same position as before, when the French date popped up initially.
In terms of competition we have right now (always subject to change):

28 May 2010:

  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (BV) – video-game based fanboy adventure movie

  • Sex and the City 2 (NL/WB) – female-centric romantic comedy

4 June 2010:

  • Killers (LGF) – Heigl/Kutcher action comedy

  • Marmaduke (Fox) – kids movie

11 June 2010:

  • The A-Team (Fox) – male-centric action movie

  • Get Him to the Greek (Uni.) – R-rated Apatow comedy with Russell Brand

  • Karate Kid (Sony) – young-skewing action/drama, probably family-oriented?

18 June 2010:

  • Footloose (2010) (Par.) – still listed but has to move anyway

  • Jonah Hex (WB) – comic-book based western (male-centric)

  • Toy Story 3 (BV) – Pixar

25 June 2010:

  • Grown Ups (Sony) – Adam Sandler/Kevin James comedy

30 June/2 July 2010:

  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Sum.) – female-centric romance (opens Wednesday)

  • Knight & Day (Fox) – Cruise/Diaz comedy, probably gender-balanced but older skewing

  • The Last Airbender (Par.) – cartoon-based fantasy movie, male skewing

The two movies it needs to stay away from as far as possible are SATC2 and especially Twilight 3. In my opinion that makes 11 June 2010 the best date possible. It’s 2 weeks after SATC2, ie at that point the BO rush for that movie is over. And it’s 2.5 weeks away (3 weekends) from Twilight. While I hope that Charlie St. Cloud’s main target audience is young women, it will without a doubt still have teenage girls as a secondary demographic. Both are also audiences for Twilight, so I hope it keeps as much distance as possible.
Looking at the international dates, 11 June and 18 June would both be logical choices but considering the 18 June would be only 1.5 weeks away from Twilight, I hope they go for the 11th (I will ignore the 25th as possible release date right now because that’s basically suicide for Charlie St. Cloud. I hope Universal isn’t *that* stupid).
The small issue with the 11th is that Universal has already Get Him to the Greek there. But I think it would be actually beneficial to move that movie up a week to the 4th. The A-Team and Karate Kid which are currently scheduled for that date as well are both male-centric like Get Him to the Greek, so that isn’t the greatest idea anyway. The week before on the 4th it would go up against a Heigl vehicle and a kids movie – a much better match imo.
At the same time, Charlie St. Cloud would be good counterprogramming for the 11th since The A-Team and Karate Kid certainly have different target audiences.
Moving Get Him to the Greek to 4 June and giving Charlie St. Cloud 11 June would be the best solution for Universal.

Although the 18 June 2010 seems like an option for Charlie St. Cloud looking at the international dates, I don’t like that idea much because it’s way too close to Twilight.

Considering that we now have so many June release dates from different Universal subsidiaries, it seems almost unlikely all of them are wrong and Universal wants a completely different US release date. But if June is out of the question for the US and they are looking for an alternative, my personal pick would be 14 August 2010 (or 22 August if needs must).

EHS' Thoughts

I was so happy that jeezbee found all of this info. It's kind of an awkward summer schedule but I do agree that June 11th is the best date for Charlie St. Cloud.

The expectations for this type of film are not necessarily a number one opening (given summer action competition) but a healthy opening and a good holdover for the second and third weekend. That's why it is important not to place it on a weekend that will handicap it's opening weekend or how much money it makes the rest of its box office life. And as jeezbee said, SATC2 and Twilight 3 are its biggest threats because the demographics overlap.

IMO, if the 11th is out of the question and it is a choice between June 4th and June 18th, I might actually choose June 4th. Though the movies are similar in demographic, SATC2 skews older than Twilight (even if just barely). And I think I'd rather Charlie St. Cloud have four weekends without another romance-type rather than just two. In other words, Twilight is still more competition to Charlie St. Cloud than SATC2. Though I don't like the idea of opening on the same weekend as the Heigl/Kutcher comedy... but I still think that might be less bad than Twilight running over its third weekend. Truly a rock and a hard place situation, lol.

As an interesting note, the UK date for Get Him to the Greek is June 11th. If the UK date was posted later (and I think it was), this sort of makes me think (or at least hope) that Universal will actually be moving the US date for it. I'd be a bit surprised if this particular movie was opened on the same date in the UK and the US. It makes promotional duties more difficult and it isn't that big of the movie I don't think.

I really do hope that's the case because I think June 11th for Charlie St. Cloud balances the threats of the two films the best.
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