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Dec 2nd
11:19 pm
MAOW Videos: Zac Efron talks with Empire, MTV, TV Guide and more  
Empire Magazine with Zac

MTV: Zac talks Claire Danes

TV Guide Junket interview with Zac

Zac speaking at Q&A in Austin

Hollywood Outbreak: Claire Danes on Sonja

Hollywood Outbreak: Richard on Orson

Empire Magazine with Claire Danes

Empire Magazine with Christian McKay

Link: Guardian interview with Richard Linklater
Mood: curiouscurious
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Beejeezbee on December 3rd, 2009 10:16 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't have said anything if it was only the Empire video. I've noticed it for a while, Empire just triggered my response.

I noticed it first in the NYLON video but you can also see it on Letterman or The View or that charity endorsement, or basically in every video during the promo to a different degree.

And while he's never been sitting still, it's so much worse now but at the same time he should be more experienced with it. I get the pressure aspect and everything else but still...

I'm not saying it's easy to control when it's against your nature but it's part of the job and if it's getting as "worse" as it is, I would expect Gina to step in and make him aware of it.

PS: Are LJ notifications working for everyone else? I seem to be getting only like 5%

Shruticalcified on December 3rd, 2009 10:29 pm (UTC)
Oh no, I absolutely agree with you; I pointed it out to Cady after that endorsement (omg what was he doing, what a mess). I didn't notice it as much in the Nylon interview because he was being so charming and not...awkward. Like I feel like touching himself (lolol) wasn't an AWKWARD gesture all the time, but it's become one.

Yeah but I really have no idea why it's progressing other than ~the fame~ getting to his head a little.