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Zeffy News Roundup

HSM3 Teaser Trailer to be shown in front of Wall-E! Will feature Z, V, Lucas, Ash and the finale(?) song High School Musical.

Ready or not, filming is set to wrap very soon because of the impending SAG strike starting July 1st. Rumors said they were done yesterday but there is still filming happening today (per extras request), although VABN says that Corbin and Ash are finished. Man, I just want to give Z, well really all of them, a big (if only virtual) hug because this is a huge thing ending in their lives and moments like that are always tough and emotional.

Three HSM3 extra experiences:

1: From Utah Jazz Dancer Jocelyn's blog:

I don’t know if any of you remember my blog about how I was in the Disney movie, “Hatching Pete” but I couldn’t get enough of the movie scene so I decided to join the High School Musical train! Haha. They wanted me to tumble in it so I have been filming for that for the past few days and let me tell you, it has been hard work and long days! We didn’t get done until 1:30 am last night and 1am the night before! It has been cool to see all the action and I can’t wait to see it all put together when it comes to theaters. No photography was allowed, so I have no pictures to post. But, I can tell you Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu are SWEETHEARTS!

2 and 3

Zac is set to present at the sixteenth-annual ESPY awards. The show happens on July 16th and airs July 20th. Lookin' forward to hot-red-carpet Zac!

ETA: Forgot to mention, Amazon has the HSM3 soundtrack available for pre-order!

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