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In case you were wondering...

Nicole Sullivan talks to the NY Post's Popwrap about the Funny or Die video:

PW: It's good to know that you're totally hooked up with young Hollywood after that Zac Efron Funny or Die video!
Nicole: I know, right! My friend Adam Shankman called me for that, I show up and it was like, "Oh, have you met Nicole Richie? Brittany Snow? Queen Latifah?"

PW: It's really funny -- but with you and Thomas Lennon improvising, I would imagine there was a lot left on the cutting room floor.
Nicole: Oh, we filmed for eight hours -- it was endless laughter. Tom had this one run that was like 10 minutes long with Carmen Electra. It was totally raunchy and I'm begging him to put it out. She was so willing to go there.


PW: Well with Funny or Die, there are so many outlets for actors to keep those characters alive.
Nicole: Right, it's great -- but I have to be careful not to get pigeonholed as I get older since it's important that people see me as an actress so I can keep working and trying new things. But some opportunities you can't pass up -- like the Zac Efron video. Especially knowing I would get to squeeze his butt cheeks like 20 times! I told him, "Zac, do you know how many girls would cut off my hands and put them in formaldehyde if they knew how often they touched your butt?"

PW: So for all the fans out there who never will, what does it feel like to squeeze Zac Efron's ass?
Nicole: I can describe it exactly: two large, firm grapefruits. It is the tightest little butt I have ever seen in my life. I was shocked because he's a slight guy -- but he is in shape! It was a nice deal; two solid grapefruits. All other booties pale in comparison!

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