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I will never tire of awesome Zac stories

:D This was on oceanup:

Pictures from Rachel & Allesia: Today me and my friend went to the Soho Hotel in London to try and meet the Jonas Brothers. We waited a couple of hours with 4 other girls, but there was no sign of them and the security were being really picky about giving out information on whether they were actually there.

 We had also been told that Zac Efron had been staying there the night before, but had left early that morning.

So a couple of hours into our wait, a black car pulls up and Zac Efron was in the car! At first, he just got out of the car and went straight into the hotel. But then about 5 minutes later, his security came out, pointed to the fans waiting around, and called us over to him.

He then took us inside the hotel into one of the rooms where we all sat in a circle on the sofas and then in came Zac Efron! He was so unbelievably nice and he was really chatty asking everyone questions, AND HE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. WE LOVE YOU ZAC <3

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