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Me and Orson Welles - Radio Interviews + Children in Need

BBC1 interview with Greg James

Greg had this to say about Zac:

This lovely little fella came in today to have a chat about his new film 'Me and Orsen Wells'. Zac is incredibly famous but a very down to earth bloke and we chatted girlfriends, cricket and farting.

He seems very calm and focussed, just a very friendly person. The new film is a change of direction from his High School Musical days but I really liked it and he carries it off well. A star.

Great hair, too.

Absolute Radio - Full Interview
I included some of the show before he comes on for context. Also they mention, basically, that his interview sucks but I don't really get it... it seems like a fun and good interview. But whatever.

Capital FM Interview from the Red Carpet

Children in Need Appearance

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