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Zac on People's Sexiest Men list and Ted C on Zac's chances...

He's in the 'Sexy at Every Age' section: "Good looks aside, these hot stars – Zac! Becks! Jake! – prove that sex appeal is ageless."


Johnny is on the cover (TY God!).

Also Ted Casablanca's apparently was at the press junket yesterday (or it might just be Taryn Ryder reporting to him but either way...) he had this to say:

Is Zac Efron Hollywood's Next Leading Man?

"We tried to do the musical version, but we couldn't get the rights."

—Zac Efron joking back when we asked about his choice to go for a role in Me and Orson Welles rather than another High School Musical or Footloose-type flick.

It's a major departure for dimpled and goody singer Efron. The 22-year-old wholesome type plays Orson's high-school kid Richard, who lands his dream role in illustrious film and theater legend Welles' production of Julius Caesar, only to be met with unexpected theatrical egos and chick problems. HSM15, this ain't.

But after checking out Efron in this pretty serious, yet oddly screwball period piece, we realized Z has the potential to take Hollywood—and not just teens—by storm.

And when we met with well-spoken Zac at the Welles junket at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bev Hills, he told us about his big hankering to "do something different."

But will it pay off?

"It was a very unique opportunity for me at the time, and still is," Zac told us about accepting the role. "I think it was something that didn't seem so cut and dry. It wasn't an obvious decision. Even I was a bit surprised, and that's very cool."

It's quite clear Zac's very aware how everyone was ready to peg him as a pretty boy who would be Disney's slave for the next several years.

"That's why we work and do this?to grow and try new things. That's exactly what this movie represented for me. I think it came at a perfect time," Z.E. explained to us.

The film's director, Richard Linklater, didn't have any doubts about Z's ability, either.

"I sat down with [Zac], and 15 or 20 seconds in I was like, 'Oh this guy's great.' To have a guy who can go toe-to-toe with the biggest personality of the 20th century, you know, you needed a leading man who had that charisma. And that's Zac. He really has that."

As for whether Zac will be a lasting fixture in this cutthroat Biz, Rick told us, yes. (Like, what's he's gonna say, but whatever.)

"The camera loves him; he has a strong presence. He's smart and wily. If you ever underestimate him, you realize he's two steps ahead of you. Don't play poker with him!"

Bottom line: Zac's serious acting chops will be tested when Me and Orson Welles hits theaters Nov. 25. You gonna check it out, or see New Moon for the 10th time, instead?
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