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MAOW Screening Pics, Twitters, etc.

Pictures first!

Zac Efron and Claire Danes with a fan in Washington DC!

From Washington Life:

From zefron gallery:

From Romina Espinosa

Washington Life article

The excitement and buzz was palpable amongst the 30 or so teens and tweens (ok, and amongst some of the adults as well) as Linklater, Danes, and Efron greeted a select group of area-insiders at a pre-screening reception at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown. Dane and Efron made the day (and Facebook profile pictures) of many of the guests as they took the time to take photos and great everyone. Young Jocelyn Quinn, the nine year old daughter of Susanna Quinn had created a letter for Efron. I naively guessed that it said, “Dear Zach, I love you!” She looked mindfully at me and responded, “No at all. It lets him know that I can help him meet important politicians.” Wow – now that’s D.C.

Speaking of important politicians, Danes, Efron, and Linklater spent the day of the screening jumping from high-profile meetings to advocate the arts. Face to face meetings were held with Heather Higginbottom, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council; Kalpen Modi, Associate Director of the Office of Public Engagement; Rachel Goslins, Executive Director of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities; and William Jawando, Director of Boards and Commissions, White House Liaison, Department of Education. They also met with California senator Rep. Barbara Boxer.

The Pollywood trio was advocating to strengthen arts education in the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) policy. Their recommendations included: Adding resources, using arts as a way to turn schools around, creating an arts report card for schools, and pushing for a scale-up for arts in education grants.

The film Me and Orson Welles is a perfect jumping off point for arts and youth education. The film tells the story of a high school student (Efron) cast in a production of “Julius Caesar” directed by a young Orson Welles (McKay) in 1937 at the Mercury theater. Select footage was first shown at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. Me and Orson Welles will be released in theaters nationwide November 25th.

The film is an enjoyable fictional behind the scenes accountant of Welles’ production of “Julius Caesar,” which he directed when he was 22. Although Danes and Efron are delightful in their on-screen dalliance, it’s Christian McKay, who as Orson Welles, plays the domineering young genius to a tee. We wouldn’t be surprised to see McKay get an Oscar nod for his portrayal. McKay embodies the character, swinging from manic megalomania to light-hearted compassion. He becomes Welles like Philip Seymour Hoffman becomes Truman Capote in Capote.

Following the screening, Impact Arts + Film Fund held a discussion panel with Danes, Efron, Linklater, and Robert Lynch from Americans for the Arts. The discussion was moderated, with limited effect by the Post’s Valerie Strauss. The Me and Orson Welles trio spoke passionately about their love for the arts and the need for arts education in schools. The crowd also discovered why Linklater – known for his films Fast Food Nation, Before Sunset, Waking Life, Before Sunrise, and more – enjoyed this project so much. “Richard is one of the biggest Orson Welles fans I’ve ever met,” said Efron, who spoke in between giggles, gasps, and cell phone photo clicks of the teen girls in the audience. “He probably knows more about Welles than anyone.” To that end, teens probably know more about Efron than anyone. If he can’t get them and politicians to listen to him on arts education, no one can.

Afterwards, Efron, Danes and Linklater held court in the back table at Fahrenheit at the Ritz Carlton taking the time to speak with me about their Pollywood whirlwind day. They were each as kind as their on screen personas. If they made as much of an impression on the White House as they made of me, then we should be seeing more focus on the arts in NCLF soon.

Also they talked to Richard:



Blog: Barry's Views

“Me and Orson Welles” is a film directed by Richard Linklater and stars Zac Efron, Claire Danes and Christian McKay (who portrays the young Mr. Welles). Taking place in 1937 and after Orson Welles has left the Federal project (created in the beginning of the depression) in order to make it on his own via his Mercury Theater, the film shows the power, the ego and the talent of this remarkable 20th Century icon. Mr. McKay not only bears a strong physical resemblance to Mr. Welles but has, indeed, captured the essence of this dynamic entertainment figure. This film is basically a stage production within a movie and portrays Zac Efron as an18 year old who is hired by and becomes a student of Mr. Welles. Those familiar with the famous Mercury Theater players will identify with Joseph Cotton (James Tupper), John Houseman (Eddie Marsan) and George Coulouris (Ben Chaplin). These fine actors give life and meaning to this significant representaiton of the media in the mid 1930’s and literally take us back 72 years to this creative time in our theatrical history. I give this film 3 stars with kudos to Mr. Linklater who has made the oft used vehicle of a “play within a play” a pleasant and meaningful experience.


Blog: Just Sayin' (from CAFH)
Tricia Dinh

I really enjoyed the movies we watched. "Me and Orson Welles" is worth watching when it comes out next month. It's a comedy set in the '20s. Zac Efron is in there folks. If that's the only way to get you to watch it.


Twitter reviews

Twitters on junket


Also there is a new competition for Isle of Man residents... 3FM is giving away tickets each morning to the IOM premiere.

There is a great article about Christian's Oscar chance at Awards Daily.

Here is the first part of Collider's coverage of their interview with Richard.

Schedule Info

Seattle International Film Festival has added a screening of MAOW on Dec 2nd as part of their Awards Buzz series.

The One Show has said, Zac will be there on Thusday.

Updated Schedule

November 18th: UK premiere (all presumably)
November 19th: Picturehouse at Notting Hill Gate screening with Q&A (Zac, Claire, Richard)
                        This event will be simulcast to other Picturehouse theaters
                        The One Show
November 20th: GMTV Today appearance (Zac)
                        The Moving Picture Company screening with Q&A (Richard)
November 21st: Isle of Man premiere (Zac, Richard, Christian and Claire)
November 22nd: St. Louis International Film Festival screening
November 23rd: The View (Zac, Claire)
                        Apple Store Soho Event (Richard)
                         NY premiere (all presumably)
November 24th: David Letterman (Zac)
November 25th: Limited release in NY and LA
November 30th: Austin, TX prem (Zac, CM, RL per here, tix on sale 11/10)
December 2nd: Seattle International Film Festival Screening
December 4th: UK Release
                       Limited US expansion (per BOM)
                       Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, DC, Houston, Louisville, Philadelphia, San Diego, SF (per twitter)
December 6th: British Independent Film Awards (Christian)
December 11th: Canada Release
                        Another US expansion (per BOM)

Media expected:
BBC Switch Radio Show (from ZAAngels)
The One Show on BBC 1 at 7.00pm, Thursday
Movie Mom interview
InStyle December 2009?
Misc LA Junket stuff: Ben Lyons, Taryn Ryder, Collider
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