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IDK for some reason I find this adorable so I just screencapped the whole thing:


And there is a great article about Me and Orson Welles novelist Robert Kaplow in the NY Times. The Zac part:

His students are not especially excited about his achievement, though.

“For them it’s all about Zac Efron,” Mr. Kaplow said. “‘Can Zac come to school? Can we get his autograph?’”

Also Zac says, go outside your comfort zone:

M Reader xoJBxo asked:
I'm a singer and I'm really interested in following my dreams and becoming a famous singer and actress! Any tips?

And Zac's answer is:
"I think a lot of the reasons kids don't know how to approach the next step is because it involves a risk. You definitely have to go out of your comfort zone to achieve something great. And that's the toughest thing, I think, about growing up. Breaking that comfort zone. You can go to school everyday and play video games after school or whatever, but if you don't take the extra step and do the extra work toward your goals, you'll never reach them. So my advice is to do something risky. Try and do something everyday that takes you out of your comfort zone!"


I have been informed by shrewtee that the jellos thing is in Jennifer's Body. I have to say I have neither read the screenplay nor seen the film... so no infringement intended. And I am disappointed in myself for basically thinking of a Junoism:

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