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thecaitlinshow meets Zefron

So thecaitlinshow twittered awhile ago about getting to interview Zac. I subtly tried feeding her some questions, lol. Anyway, she just posted on ONTD. about meeting Zac and her pic so here we go (Richard and Claire parts are on ontd):

zac. motherfucking. efron. let me tell you. if you do like zac efron, he deserves every bit of your loving. if you don't like zac efron, you should die. (just kidding. but really). everyone i talked to before i went into the interview (i was saying how i was nervous), was like "ohhh my goodness, don't be, he's such a sweet guy!" i actually saw him before i went into the interview while i was just waiting in the lobby and - not knowing who i am at all and not knowing that i was going to be one of the people interviewing me - saw me smiling and smiled and waved to me and asked how i was. like seriously... sweetest guy. he introduced himself when people walked into the room even though we all obviously knew who we were - he made sure to shake everyone's hands too. i... may have slipped at the end and told him how huge of a fan i was, but he was super sweet about it and when he wrapped his arm arond me to take a picture, he gave me a tight squeeze.

and then i died from happiness.

oh, and p.s. forgot to mention - if you've ever wondered what zac efron looks like in real life: look at a picture. i never thought he'd actually look as good as he does in photos but MY. GOD. the kid is fucking flawless. he's the most gorgeous person i've ever seen up close. his eyes... his eyes could solve world wars. s'all i'm saying.

p.p.s. i realize i'm 20 years old but i don't give a FUCK, i'll shout my love from zac efron from a mountaintop.

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