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First a news roundup: MAOW, Fashion, People's Sexiest Men of 2009

Me and Orson Welles news!

1) Zac will be on The View on Nov. 23rd according to somone who works there.

2) According to the MAOW Facebook, the film will be everywhere Dec 11th. BoxOfficeMojo still says it is another limited expansion, so I'm not sure how 'everywhere' everywhere is (not to rain on anyone's parade). But either way I am pleased they are at least planning to expand it significantly.

3) Another opportunity to pick up tickets to the UK premiere was twittered about a couple of days ago. These tickets benefit the Starlight Children's Foundation. If interested,

4) Time Magazine is doing 10 Questions with Zac Efron. If you'd like to submit questions, click here for their website.

5) Encore Magazine did a write up on the film here. Hopefully they'll be announcing US premiere details soon!

6) Alex Wilburn wrote a little something on Zac's past dramatic roles for Popnography at Out Magazine's site.

Two fashion news items to come out of the Nylon Magazine party,

Zac wears jeans for eight weeks straight, from WWD Fashion:

DENIM DUDE: At 22, Zac Efron is meticulous when it comes to his clothes. Consider his raw denim jeans by G-Star, which he wore continuously over eight weeks to weather the stiff dungarees for the too-cool-for-school look, complete with dusty yellow whiskers on the front pockets.

“They’re my favorite jeans,” the actor said Wednesday at the dinner G-Star threw for him at XIV to celebrate his turn as cover boy of Nylon Guys’ November issue. “I wore them all throughout ‘High School Musical 3.’ I even wore them hiking. You have to wear them everywhere to get them right.”

Joined by “High School Musical” co-star Ashley Tisdale, actress Brittany Snow, local “It” girl Cory Kennedy and DJ Steve Aoki, Efron paired his dirty denim with a striped sweater by Marc Jacobs. It’s too bad he didn’t have much to say about the jeans he wore on the cover of the magazine. Instead of G-Star, they were crisp, clean Levi’s.

From LA Times:

“I’m wearing G-Star jeans -- some kind of skinny, not sure which one” (3301 Sec in raw denim, $190), said Efron, who completed his look with a striped Marc Jacobs sweater worn over a G-Star T-shirt. "They're really cool."

“Zac likes stylish yet simple styles and never goes for trendy,” chimed Ricker [his stylist]. “He’s like the best of my clients, because he’ll never make a bad choice."

And lastly People Magazine has posted a video showcasing the 100 Sexiest Men of 2009. Zac is included. They'll announce the Sexiest Man of 2009 later in the month I believe.
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