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Boring Sunday...

ETA: Sounds like Zac has left Vancouver

But I'm sure this week we'll get some news!

Also via FF, Richard Linklater will be at the Apple Store in Soho on November 23rd for a discussion of Me and Orson Welles. It does not appear as though Zac or Christian will be attending.

Updated Schedule:

November 4th: KLRU Texas Monthly Talks taping (Richard)
November 10th: Georgetown screening (Zac and Claire)
November 11th: Houston CinemaArtsFest screening (Richard)
November 18th: UK premiere (all presumably)
November 21st: Isle of Man premiere (Richard)
November 22nd: St. Louis International Film Festival screening
November 23rd: Apple Store Soho Event (Richard)
                         NY premiere (all presumably)
November 23rd: The Graham Norton Show airs (appearance not confirmed, films 11/19)
November 25th: Limited release in NY and LA
November 30th: Austin, TX premiere (all presumably)
December 6th: British Independent Film Awards (Christian)

Also there was a screening in London, for cast and crew apparently:

There were a few twitters from last night and sounds like Zac had a great night celebrating Halloween with Vanessa, Lucas and even Ryan Phillippe. No word on their costumes, lol. Glad he's had some time to relax before going off on the MAOW press tour.

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