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NR: Jesus Christ Swimming Superstar, second is alright by me, and a possible appearance

Tom Lennon and writing partner Robert Ben Garant did an interview with Doug Benson on the "I Love Movies" podcast where they discuss working on Night at the Museum 2 and Herbie Fully Loaded as well as Tom being in 17 Again. The three also discuss a possible movie idea for Zac. Here are the Zac-related excerpts for you (contains adult language):

If you want to listen to the interview in its entirety (and it is all very funny) click here.

Zac came in second on a Favorite Male Movie Star poll by blog JSYK.

The results are as follows:

Taylor Lautner 46%
Zac Efron - 17%
Robert Pattinson - 16%
Shia LeBeouf - 14%
Daniel Radcliffe - 7%

Not bad considering the insanity that follows every poll involving Twilight stars, lol.

I have no idea if there is any truth to this, but NY Jets safety Kerry Rhodes has been twittering about a charity event he is hosting on November 2nd in NYC to benefit the Kerry Rhodes Foundation and he's making it sound like Zac (or some guy from HSM) is potentially making an appearance.

His twitters are here:

FYI: The Kerry Rhodes Foundation's "mission supports the educational and financial advancement of young people in underserved high schools nationwide" (Wikipedia).

So a good cause whether or not Zac is involved.

ETA: And in other creeptastic news... People Mag reports that Zac's home was targeted and surveilled but not burglarized by the group of teen thieves that have stolen from numerous celebs including Paris Hilton, Megan Fox and even Ashley Tisdale D: D:

Zac Efron news roundup
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