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Zaccy looking serious in MAOW and more on 17 Again

First 'official' Me and Orson Welles pic:

Adam Shankman (director of Hairspray and producer of 17 Again) on Zac:

“We have some very funny [dancing] scenes between him and Leslie Mann from ‘Knocked Up,’ which are off-the-charts funny,” Shankman gushed. “But there’s also this big thing with Zac dancing with a lot of cheerleaders that is very, very fun and funny.”

“People are going to be so surprised how seriously great he is in this movie. I’m really proud,” beamed Shankman, producer of the film that also stars Matthew Perry, Michelle Trachtenberg and “Reno 911!” star Thomas Lennon. “This is about a man whose life has not gone the way he wants it to, so he wishes he was 17 again and he gets his wish. And then he’s realizing it’s nothing like he thought it would be. So it’s a reverse ‘Big.’ It has as many funny scenes in it as it does heartfelt scenes.”

“[Zac] has to carry this whole movie as a comedian,” he added. “But there are some very emotional scenes as well."

Just for fun, proof that zefron was always adorable:

Source 1
Source 2
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