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LOL... too funny not to post.

This story from the National Ledger is too funny not to post, even if it 99.99999% likely to be fake. Unlikely because firstly, Z has been too busy in SLC and has hardly been in LA except for the MTV MAs and secondly, the papz seriously would have been all over that shiz.

Zac Efron Attacked by Transvestites: Vanessa Hudgens Beau Keeps His Cool

By Tina Johnson
Jun 6, 2008

In what sounds like a Cher like moment High School Musical star and Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend Zac Efron was at a Hollywood pizzeria with pals, was spotted by a gaggle of giggly transvestites - who went wild over the "Hairspray" star, according to a report from Mike Walker of the National Enquirer.

The report published this week in the magazine claims that in mere seconds the young hunk that draws attention from both sexes was swarmed by gushing, hyper crowd but stayed cool until the "manny-trannies broke into High School Musical songs and dances - then tried to dance with Zac." Oh the humanity!

While he remained calm for a bit, the sheer numbers must have changed Zac's mind as according to the eyewitness cited in the report, Zac changed his tune and fast and - after a mad dash for the door - he hopped into a pal's car and sped off. This would be the pictures that the paparazzi should have snapped as that would be one great photos moment for tabloids.

Zac recently mentioned that he is working hard on the big screen version of High School Musical 3 but after this one wraps up he is ready to move on with his career and allow someone else to take over with a High School Musical 4 in the works.

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