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NR: Possible appearance at "This Is It" prem, another MAOW screening, and a Poll

Obviously this isn't 100% certain, but I'm sure he'd like to be there:

In what is now a celebration of the King of Pop’s incredible creative life, ‘This Is It’ premieres on Wednesday, 28 October at the Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles with an array of celebrities and friends in attendance for the first showing of the film in Jackson’s hometown.

The red carpet LIVE feed will go out on Vuzu, Channel O and MK between 01:30 and 02:45 on 28 October – just hours before the movie opens in South Africa. In charge of interviewing those at the premiere is none other than Ryan Seacrest, known throughout the world as the host of American Idol. Seacrest will be talking to celebrities as they head into the cinema with the scene is set for an emotional show.

Among those expected to attend are Berry Gordy, longtime Jackson friend and founder of Motown Records where Jackson first recorded with the Jackson 5. Musicians JC Chasez of N’SYNC; Snoop Dogg; and Smokey Robinson are also likely to be at the event along with actors like Forest Whitaker; Neil Patrick Harris; Zac Efron; Jennifer Love Hewitt; and Viva A Fox and reality television stars Paula Abdul; and Nigel Lythgoe.


Me and Orson Welles will be screened at the 25th annual ShowEast Convention in Orlando on October 28th. And there is a small (but unlikely it seems) chance it might be screened as the surprise director's choice on November 5 at the Savannah Film Festival.

Also, if you're so inclined, you can vote for Zac at Hello! Magazine's Weekly Most Attractive Male Poll.

And don't forget to vote for the PCAs!
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