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Random Hollywood happenings that peripherally relate to Zac Efron

So Disney recently fired their chairman Dick Cook. It upset a lot of people because he was this really cool fellow who had worked for them forever (ie since he started as a ride operator at Disneyland). Well yesterday, to no one's surprise, they promoted to the position one of the guys who was instrumental in making HSM a global juggernaut.

The NY Times had this:

A ‘High School’ Star Gives Ross A Boost
By Brooks Barnes

As Hollywood chews over what obligatory congratulations gift to send Rich Ross, the Disney Channel president who was just named as the new chairman of Walt Disney Studios, a real life movie star has weighed in on the promotion.

Zac Efron, who Mr. Ross made a star with “High School Musical,” gave the executive a pat on the back from Canada, where he is filming “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud,” a drama for Universal Pictures. “I had an amazing experience working with Rich,” Mr. Efron said. “He is a born leader, and I know he will excel in his new role at Disney.”

And since we're on the topic of studio shakeups, Universal also fired two guys at the top, Marc Shmuger and David Linde. Don't worry at least one of them was apparently a legit jerk and deserved to be fired. The good news is they replaced the duo with Adam Fogelson (and two co-chairs) and everyone seems to think Adam is the bee's knees. I don't know how much (if at all) the stress at the studio might have been affecting Charlie St. Cloud but if Adam is as awesome as they all say, this can be nothing but good news for Zac, Burr and the production. Hopefully now that new leadership has taken control, we'll get a release date.

For those of you disinterested in Hollywood happenings, some picspam.

LEVITATION, or really, stylized defiance of gravity:

AND according to this, Silva Screen Records will be releasing the score for 17 Again (by Rolfe Kent) on October 13.

I know someone who will be very happy about this :D
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