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Hellz yeah!


I mean, of course, but totally awesome!

And seriously, I voted a million times, so I would have been crushed if it was otherwise!

ETA: Dudes (and by that I mean internet friends), chillax about the Z/V and Nikki stuff.

I sort of don't get the people who hate on Nikki. Or those who hate on Vanessa.

I mean, as a person, I think I'd like Nikki better than V. But the truth is, I have no clue what either of them are really like, nor do most of the people who post hateful things about them. I can only base my opinion on what I see them do, not what they look like, and therefore neither deserves (yet) to be called annoying or bitchy or whatever. Thus what I have to say about the MTV Movie Awards situation.

A: Z was there with V, who seemed extremely proud because she loves him and she's his girl.
B: Nikki was there with her mom, both of whom seemed really proud of him because they love him and they were his second family while he worked on Hairspray.

Why do the two have to be mutually exclusive? Zac loves them all and they all love Zac, as do I. And I'm so pleased that he won this cause I think he totally deserved it.

But I guess I am wrong and it isn't as simple as that. V kissed Z but Z didn't thank V. And Z did thank N, who then hollered out, "I love you Zaccy". This apparently has endless ramifications according to haters on the internets.

Personally I'm guessing Zac didn't thank V because this isn't really the award show where that happens, even for men or women in serious committed relationships, like spouses... and please don't take that to mean that I am demeaning Z/V's relationship, I'm not. But at the same time, let's be real, many 'normal' people in relationships at 19/20 aren't going to go all the way with them... this is even more true in Hollywood. They may last a few years, even but very few of the relationships my friends had in college lasted to the point of marriage. Zac seems to be a very fortunate guy, so he may or may not be lucky enough in love to have already found 'the one' but the odds are against it.

I think he thanked Nikki because she was his costar on the film he was nominated for and because she was also nominated for the same award... it was graceful and kind, two of my favorite Zac characteristics (yes believe it or not, I like him for more than just his body).

I sort get the sense that this is why Zac tries to keep this stuff private. If he says anything about V, the Zikki people flip. If he is friendly with N, the Zanessa people flip.

Whatever the relationship, he cares about all of them and doesn't want any of them to be spoken of badly I'm sure. Do the haters even think about this when they write what they do? What would Zac think?

Spread love not hate.
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