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Sep 30th
04:53 am
A Me and Orson Welles Poster  


Now that I'm really awake, I can add a few other things I found.

A couple more twitters:

A person from Wellesnet went to a screening and had this to say:

Richard Linklater’s ME AND ORSON WELLES is easily one of the years “Ten Best films”

Last night, I saw ME AND ORSON WELLES, and to be truthful, although I was quite excited about seeing it, I was a bit worried that all the hype I had heard beforehand would lead me to view the picture as a huge disappointment.

After all, I had only heard good things about the movie since it had played at Toronto a year ago, but there was this strange underlying feeling about the quality of the film, and why no major distributor had picked the film up for release, especially if it was supposed to be so good!

Well, after actually seeing Me and Orson Welles, I can dash all of the reservations I had to the (other side) of the wind! I suddenly realized what idiotic thinking I was falling back on. How stupid of me, allowing supposed “independent” companies, who are controlled by “the corporate elite” to determine what kind of films the public should see in these times! That is truly an exercise in absurdity.

It is also just the kind of problem that Orson Welles himself had to face in his last years as an independent filmmaker. Just look at all the independent film companies who wouldn’t back Orson Welles in any o f his last cherished film projects, such as The Big Brass Ring, The Dreamers, King Lear and The Cradle Will Rock.

In any case, before I saw Me and Orson Welles, I had reviewed the many different accounts of Welles’s staging of Julius Caesar, so I was fully prepared to totally dislike the film if it showed a highly inaccurate portrayal of Welles, as Tim Robbins did so badly, in his terrible film, The Cradle Will Rock, and as some hack director did, in that awful HBO TV movie, RKO 281.

So I was rather delighted when Me and Orson Welles turned out to be such a magnificent and largely accurate account of Welles’s staging of his 1937 stage production of Julius Caesar!

Before this, my favorite Richard Linklater film was Tape. Now, it is his wonderful recreation of 1937 New York and the Mercury production of Julius Caesar, along with Christian McKay’s marvelous turn as Orson Welles, in Me and Orson Welles.

In fact, Me and Orson Welles, is easily one of the best movies of the year, and I can’t believe it won’t be nominated for a “Best Picture” Academy Award, now that there are ten slots to fill.

Of course, the key to getting the film nominated as best picture, will be to get enough actors in the Academy to actually see the movie. The Actors branch is the largest in the Academy, and they generally determine the final five nominees. But this year, because Me and Orson Welles concerns a masterful theatrical production of a Shakespearian play, and is really all about acting, I can’t imagine any AMPAS acting member who sees it, would NOT think it was worthy of a spot as one of the TEN best picture nominees!

In that spirit, I present a list of possible Academy Award nominations I think Me and Orson Welles should be considered for:


BEST PICTURE: Richard Linklater, Marc Samuelson and Ann Carli.

BEST DIRECTOR: Richard Linklater.

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Holly Gent Palmo and Vince Palmo.



BEST ART DIRECTION: Laurence Dorman.



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Bee: Zac - GQ - In Car 1 (full)jeezbee on September 30th, 2009 02:20 pm (UTC)
The actual images are nice (I like Zac's picture) but they are all wrong for the poster.

Richard is supposed to be an ambitious but unexperienced, naive high school student getting involved into the theater scene and Orson Welles' world more or less by accident - but Zac looks like a smug junior executive in that picture.

His facial expression is wrong and the suit is really wrong for that poster. Claire's hair aside you don't even get a 30s vibe from it. And as mentioned above - you don't get it's about the theater.

I get that they want to sell the movie and they are trying to make it as easily accessible for the broad audience as possible but nothing is worse than trying to be something it isn't.
jessica3311jessica3311 on September 30th, 2009 03:23 pm (UTC)
Be your right....Zac totally looks like a smug junior executive in that picture LOL