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For lack of any new pictures...

IDK I was looking through his photos for Duchenne smiles (a concept I just learned about today) and I came upon the 17 Again Paris Photocall pics again.

I know this is not the most amazing set of him ever but I was looking at it cause I love the blue shirt (holes, stains and all), the hair is fine (to me anyway, lol) and well, EYES. Plus I was amused by how pretty much every gesture he makes seems to scream 'I'm jetlagged and uncomfortable (but I'm going to smile through this anyway)'. I also found this pic which I don't recall seeing before so I decided to post :) though as per usual tags make me sad :(

Also, to keep up-to-date, gossip blurb from People Mag:

Taking time away from their film projects for a romantic meal, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens met up for dinner at Goldifsh Restaurant in Vancouver. The duo dined with two friends and ate a menu prepared especially by the restaurant's food development chef which included wok tossed tempura squid, beef tataki and scallop risotto.
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