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Do I dare to dream?

If someone out there is just doing this to screw with me...

I will cut a bitch, lol

The only anime adaptation I might possibly want him in more than Death Note is this one. And it would be a HUGE project for him.

I won't let my hopes get too high since this is just random info that some how made it onto Zac's Baseline/Studio System page. It is a long way from shooting and there is nothing substantial to back this up yet.


And guys, since this project is a pretty hot topic (way, WAY hotter than The Sitter or Boss Go Home), please keep this discussion here. I don't want the info to spread, reach the wrong people and consequently set a whole bunch of bitchy anime fans on Zac or WB when this is 99.999999% speculation. It's unlikely random nerds will find this info on their own (unless they are browsing Zac's record on B/SS). If they do find it, great, but otherwise let's let WB handle this however they want to.

For some info about the story and plot, click here for wikipedia and click here for some comments by the producer Andrew Lazar from Comic Con in July. Basically Lazar says the project wouldn't begin shooting till at least late in 2010 for a 2011 release. No cast or director has been set yet, though apparently there is a lot of interest from a variety of directors. (ETA: I failed to mention elsewhere, but this project is setup at Appian Way, which is Leo's company...).

Also Collider recently had an exclusive report that new scriptwriters (Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, writers on Iron Man and Children of Men) were, as of Sept. 7, about to turn in a draft. Also reportedly the story will take place in post-apocalyptic Manhattan and Kaneda's bike will be present.

It is unclear if Zac would play Kaneda or Tetsuo but I'm guessing Kaneda for several reasons but mostly because Joseph Gordon Levitt has long been rumored as attached in the role of Tetsuo.

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