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Filming update

Sounds like wherever they are today, they are filming the car crash scene:

This girl's whole deal today is a game of giving out clues for the location and I really wish she wouldn't, especially knowing what they are trying to shoot today :(

Also they are renaming the Shady Island Seafood Bar and Grill:


ETA: Oh and Amanda Crew is supposed to be on Urban Rush, a Vancouver talk show tonight. Hopefully someone can record and upload this since I'm betting she'll be asked about Charlie St. Cloud and Zac.

ETA2: Jeezbee pointed out some more pics from shooting yesterday at the toy store:

Check out the source for more!

ETA3: It sounds like Zac was not on set after all. They must have been filming with stunt doubles... maybe? Guess that other twitter about him working out might actually be true.
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