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2 things: Zac nominated for a KCA AU award, Coco loves Zef

Zac was nominated for 'Fave Movie Star' at the Nick Australian Kids' Choice Awards.

"Kid favourites who’ve notched a spot for the title of Fave Movie Star include Twilight heartthrobs Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, who’ll battle it out against the ever popular Zac Efron and Daniel Radcliffe."

Voting is open through Nov. 1 at The show will be held Nov. 13th in Melbourne.


Coco Arquette loves Zac Efron.

Courteney Cox has revealed that her five-year-old daughter has a crush on High School Musical star Zac Efron.

The former Friends star said that Coco is so obsessed with the Disney star that she invited him over - but the surprise traumatized the tot.

"Coco gets these huge crushes. One day we decided to surprise her and invite Zac Efron over.

"We didn't tell her he was coming. She just loves him. We had a video camera out and told her to close her eyes. We said 'Open them now!'. And she freaked out. She was just traumatized. She just ran to her room. I looked at Zac and I was like, 'He is hot!'"

And [Courtney] joked that she ended up trying to get Efron all to herself.

"I wanted to console her. I was trying to help her. She said, 'It's his face.' [But] I was busy putting on my make-up. I couldn't really help her. I didn't need the competition."

Cox, 45, who is married to 38-year-old actor David Arquette, is currently filming her TV sitcom Cougar Town.


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