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Sep 18th
06:49 am
Me and Orson Welles Official UK Trailer  

And an article by the Guardian:

Zac Efron is a revelation in Richard Linklater's Me and Orson Welles
The High School Musical star comes into his own in Richard Linklater's period charmer, out in the UK on 4 December, which goes behind the scenes of Orson Welles's infamous production of Julius Caesar.
Catherine Shoard

What a weird career Richard Linklater has had: from goofy slacker dramas to knock-you-sideways romance, from mainstream kiddie comedies to paranoid junkie cartoons.

His latest, Me and Orson Welles, is perhaps his weirdest to date, on account of its breezy conventionality. It's not even as experimental (praise be) as Cradle Will Rock, Tim Robbins's grating backstage-with-Welles politico-drama, which it superficially resembles.

Zac Efron plays an ambitious high schooler with a decent voice and twinkle toes (plus ca change) who wheedles his way to a walk-on in Welles's infamous 1937 production of Julius Caesar in New York (it's framed by a sort of "I'll never forget that week" nostalgia rhetoric that makes you wish Linklater had gone the whole hog, and bookended proceedings with a bewhiskered Efron dandling a grandchild on his knee, toffees in hand).

Also in the company are Claire Danes, briefly won over by Efron's boyish charms, Eddie Marsan, wringing his hands as the financier, and Ben Chaplin, unexpectedly hilarious as venerable English thesp George Coulouris. Newcomer Christian McKay (who's done a few Miss Marples, and played Welles on stage) makes a magnificent Orson, but it's Efron who really impresses: showing a depth and charm you'd never have dreamed of. He's not afraid to look petulant and silly, and does, frequently. That said, there are moments - check out the menacing screengrab above - in which you can't help but think: Efron should really, at some point, play a killer.

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It's Audrey not Aubreyaudrey_za on September 18th, 2009 04:02 pm (UTC)
Really great trailer. Obviously, I liked the Zac teaser but this was such a treat. I'm in awe of Christian's passion and delivery from just the small clips we're seeing. I know the crticis and reviews raved about his performance, but the praise is genuinely only being further supported by the clips being released. What a way to be introduced to the big screen!

The score sounds lovely. I'm so used to hearing Top 40 type songs providing the background to mainstream movies that it's soothing to the ears when it's just an arrangement and the focus is on the acting.

The wardrobe is really looking great. I re-watched the trailer several time just to try and inspect costumes. That ballroom scene is going to be a lot to take in- my eyes won't be able to scan each suit and dress fast enough! Their hairstyles are adorable- love the big, pinned/tucked curls on the girls.

Zac's eyes and the expression he's able to capture simply with a look says so much more than dialogue. The camera loves him. I see no hints of Troy Bolton, Mike O'Donnell, etc. Although I'm sure there's elements he very well does bring to each film project, Richard is a new character. I'm not being reminded of prior on-screen portrayals/ even Zac Efron himself. I believed him as Richard.
zaccy23zaccy23 on September 18th, 2009 04:50 pm (UTC)
I agree the costumes and scenary are tremendous. I love seeing this book brought to life!

The camera does love him. It's almost ridiculous how much!! Gahhh thank you Richard Linklater:)