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Up at the Curling Rink

No pics of Zac today (yet) but there are some more shots by Duane from the Curling Rink location in Gibsons.

Don't know what they are filming there, but it seems to involve bloody Sam so something to do with the accident I guess.

There are a ton more at Duane's flickr, including some super adorable fans.

And this was on Duane's fb:

Please let this get posted somewhere, lol.

AND OMG, I'm going to be so sad when Duane's daily updates end :( They have been such a treat!

ETA: You guys should all twitter @DuaneBurnett saying thanks for his set photos. They have made this week so much fun!

ETA2: I hope Zefron is intrigued by curling and decides to try it. That I would pay good money to see, lol.
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