May 19th, 2015

seahawks rule says z

#WAYF trailer & sneak peak

And yesterday's teaser:

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Zac Efron has a case of Saturday Night Fever.

Nearly 40 years after John Travolta famously hit dance floors in the disco-tinged 1977 classic, Efron is another young man finding his way in the world through nightclubs as an aspiring DJ in We Are Your Friends, in theaters Aug. 28.

"We've found a really cool way to tell this story and see what it's like for someone following their heart and their dream," says Efron.

Using a backdrop of electronic dance music, writer/director Max Joseph (MTV's Catfish: The TV Show) casts Efron as Cole Carter, a 23-year-old with a posse of pals who wants to be music's next great record producer. He finds a mentor in James (Wes Bentley), an older DJ who has become jaded and complacent, though "Cole sees him as someone who's lived the life he wants to lead," says Joseph.

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