November 16th, 2013

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Adam talks about Zac and soup

From US Weekly:
Zac Efron is recovering from a broken jaw with stitches -- and soup through a straw, his pal Adam Shankman tells Us Weekly!

As previously reported, the hunky actor had his mouth wired shut after a nasty fall at his L.A. home last weekend. Director, producer and choreographer Shankman, who previously worked with Efron on Hairspray, told Us he is among those nursing the 25-year-old star during his recuperation.

"I have been at his house every day and I have been making him soup. He has been drinking it through his straw," Shankman spilled to Us on Thursday, Nov. 14 at the 6th annual GO GO Gala in L.A. "He has to eat through a straw on a syringe. It’s horrible."

The frequent So You Think You Can Dance judge added that he has been making soups "from scratch" for the injured actor. "He's like my little brother, has been since Hairspray," Shankman explained. "So I talk to him like a little brother, which means I give him a lot of sh-t." His special concoctions, meanwhile, have been created with a "Vitamix, baby" boasted Shankman, who whipped up "a beautiful cream of asparagus" for Efron.

The Lucky One lead's mishap follows a rocky year, including a rehab stint this past spring. And despite Efron's inability to speak, Shankman told Us that the Hollywood heartthrob is being a good sport about his current physical condition: "He’s in great sprits. He’s just like, 'Oww. It hurts.'"

How did he manage to take a spill anyway? "He has always been a klutz," joked Shankman. "This is like a perfect Zac move."