October 2nd, 2012

light fantastic

Misc Post: 'Paperboy', 'Liberal Arts' and 'AWOD'

The Paperboy


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Are We Officially Dating?

Some AWOD casting news from Variety
With three movies in the can and another in pre-production, "Rabbit Hole" star Miles Teller is one of the busiest young actors in Hollywood and there's no break in sight this year, as he's set to join Zac Efron in the indie "Are We Officially Dating?"

…Teller will play Efron's friend and co-worker who like the protag, is determined to remain single and sexually active without having to make a commitment.

Liberal Arts

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List of theaters for UK release is also on that Facebook, here.

And Amazon has the DVD and Blu-Ray available for pre-order here. They say the release date is December 18th.

Also, I'm working on a Penshoppe post for tomorrow :)