May 9th, 2012

light fantastic

'Liberal Arts' Release Dates

Release dates have come up for Liberal Arts in the US, UK, and Australia.

USSeptember 14thIFC (source)
UKOctober 5thPicturehouse/Revolver (source)
AustraliaOctober 11thIcon (source)

Liberal Arts will also be screening at the Sydney Film Festival June 11th and June 15. Ticket info is here.

Also it seems as if the At Any Price crew and Zac were seen in Rochelle yesterday (per FB) and also a local news radio station, Newstalk 1060 WRHL posted:
Officials in Rochelle have received word that the movie filmed last fall in the downtown area will be released later this year. The name of the film is "At Any Price" as it stars Dennis Quad and Zac Efron.

3 locations were used on Lincoln Highway in Rochelle as part of the movie. The interior and exterior of the Hub Theatre will be part of the film along with the outside area of the H&R Block building and the area near the post office.

The film is based on a 4th generation farming family. It's currently in the "Post Production" stage.

Scenes were also shot at several locations in Dekalb County.

Hopefully the 'later this year' part is accurate!