April 3rd, 2012

light fantastic

TLO - Photo w/ Sparks and Zac on Finnick and THG

Sparks' Whosay

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Also I can't embed it until they put it on YT but Screenslam's interview with Zac and Taylor is here.

ETA: One little new thing from Buzzsugar's set visit:
How is it working so close to New Orleans?

ZE: It's great. If you have a moment off, there's a lot of great stuff to go see. There's a lot of history here. Everything in the French Quarter is really fun, very cool; I've been out there a few times. I think the food here is real special; all the restaurants are amazing. The hardest part about it is the mosquitoes, though, [because] we're out in the swamps and stuff, and I just get eaten alive. And the alligators are pretty cool.
light fantastic

Shutterfly Article and Pics from TLO

From Shutterfly's article, What Zac Efron's Lasting Image Looks Like:
Q.   The Lucky One's theme is one of fate and destiny. Do you believe a person writes their own story or lives a life that's already written.

A.   From my own experience, I think there's some sort of guidance. I don't know what it is, but something helps me along the way. I think maybe opportunities present themselves or doors are open and it's up to you to walk through them — only you can do that. I think I believe in both to a degree.

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Q.    If you were to be remembered by a single image, what would it look like?

A.    Hopefully, I'm smiling and my eyes are open.

Personally I love crinkly closed-eyes duchenne smiley faces more. But as a compromise, a fav recent smiley pic… duchenne but not totally closed:

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