March 25th, 2012

light fantastic

TLO Updates

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Schedule Updates:

mirandagirll's mom saw an ad about Zac being on a CBS Sunday Morning show next week, April 1st. Not positive about the specifics, but fwiw. And a Jay Leno appearance has been scheduled for April 5th (src). That's pretty early which is interesting.

I can't remember if I've posted this before or not, cause they've mentioned it several times on their twitter, but there is an advance screening on April 3rd in Boston featuring a Q&A with Taylor afterwards. Details here.

I also added some dates to the release schedule from imdb: Hungary (April 19), Portugal (April 26), Ireland (May 4), Russia (May 17), Norway (May 18), Belgium (June 6), Greece (June 21), Hong Kong (June 28).

Austria seems to have been removed, but it would be incredibly odd for it not to open on the same weekend as Germany. And Poland seems to have been moved to June 15th. Still no France date which is perplexing.