March 24th, 2012

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Zac Efron's Twitter...

Since people want to vent, I'm making a separate post to keep it centralized. I would also like to state from the start, that as is the norm here, you don't have to agree with someone's comment, you can debate with them even, but you do have to respect them and allow them their opinion.

My position: I am dismayed by how this twitter thing is going. I thought having a professionally run twitter would be preferable to having Zac do it. But at this point, I'd rather have Zac twittering boomshakalaka once a day to this. Though at least now there aren't as many typos? That's something I guess.

Biggest problem: this twitter is utterly and totally tone-deaf to his brand and his fandom.

And that is a social media sin of the highest magnitude.

Their actions seem to reverse his brand and maybe worse undermine career goals by establishing the wrong style of online presence. I've actually seen people say they are unfollowing him. They can't take it seriously. And the person who is running it now (and it definitely isn't Gina for a fact), is not familiar with Zac's fandom and it shows. How do they not know Kathryn has dealt with fans and all of this craziness for so long, longer than any of us. She knows Zac and Gina. How out of touch is this twitter manager that they didn't think of, or bother researching (aside from searching who on twitter has Zac Efron in their name and a high twitter follower number) to find, the first and most legit source of Zac info. And if they're going to follow anyone, that should be who.

Also it is not reasonable for them to represent this twitter so blatantly as being Zac when it isn't. This is not his thing. And it makes Zac look bad because currently their representation of Zac is banal and self-congratulatory. This style of twittering is bad enough were they to stick to the third person but doing it in first person? It REALLY reflects badly. And worse... it's totally not Zac's persona at all. Obviously going in, knowing it would be a professionally run twitter, it's automatically less Zac's style but this is so far off-base as to be laughable. And if he keeps forgetting this whole experiment and saying that he doesn't have twitter still, it really makes no sense to be writing in first person. We can say all we want that other actors RT fans and suck up, but they really don't. Especially ~srs bsns~ actors that Zac looks up to. Whether it is Joseph Gordon Levitt, whose twitter (though for his company) is very personal and busy, or Leo, whose is more reserved, none of them are like this. Even ones more in Zac's position, like Channing, don't go this overboard (nor does he follow fans) ETA: I lied, I just went through Channing's twitter more and it is as obnoxious. Though he still doesn't follow fans really.

Anyway, I could go on but those are my main problems. And you may disagree with me or you may not understand my concerns. That's okay, but I think it is something that needs correction as soon as possible. It really does make a difference.

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One last note: None of this is intended as an attack on Zac. If anything it is in defense of him and his future success. Personally I see the way Zac's twitter is going now is more an attack on Zac than any of this debate.

ETA: I wanted to add two brief points, one from the comments and one I've been thinking about for a couple days.

1) This was in response to ccmskatechick (her comment in italics):

And doing social media in a half assed way is no help to ANYONE. You're better off not being in the space at all.

Exactly. Badly done, it just opens you up to problems and contradictions. I said it privately to someone but it comes down to this, they need the twitter to represent the actor he wants to become. Not the actor he was five years ago. And right now, without deliberation and strategy, they're stuck in the past and broadcasting it globally. That's far worse than just letting his actions, films, and growth speak for themselves.

2) Retwittering fan photos. It's a nice idea and can be okay. But how many times have we heard that Zac's asked people not to post their fanpic online? As a fansite, I do post some. Clearly ones during promo/work are fair game and some during his downtime I make exceptions for. But for a professionally run twitter, especially since it has a much larger audience... you have to be stricter. And I'm not confident that this person, so not acquainted with Zac or our fandom, gets that to Zac there is a difference between a fanpic outside Subway vs. a fanpic at The Today Show.