March 11th, 2012

light fantastic

'Paperboy' Roundup ft. Alligators

Okay, catching up on some news from The Paperboy now that things have slowed down on The Lorax front.

Interview with Australian AP via Canberra Times, The Paperboy Parts:
Asked if Kidman plays his mother in the movie, Efron raises his eyebrows and breaks into a smile. "Mother? No, she's my love interest," he laughed.

The actor is usually tight-lipped with the media about anything personal, but while talking about Kidman, and the love scenes they shot, he can't contain his excitement. "Nicole is so gorgeous," Efron, looking like the cat that ate the canary, said.

"It was everything you dreamed of. She was such a lovely person. I pinch myself everyday, especially after doing love scenes with Nicole Kidman. It was the highlight of my life. Nicole was something else and was always in character. She didn't get weird method, like some actors do, but I have never seen anyone so centered."

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John Cusack on The Paperboy, from
What’s been your most unusual day’s work?

Hunting alligators at night in a swamp in Louisiana when we were shooting The Paperboy. I’m not a fan of mosquitoes, swamps or alligators but I like doing those crazy things. Those moments where you think ‘there’s no chance in hell I’m ever going to do this again’ make me really glad I do the job I do – it’s fun.

John also mentions this in an interview with The Sun video here, ~:53.

Just for fun, some alligator pics

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