February 22nd, 2012

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'The Lucky One' Promo Schedule and Contests

Premieres/Promotional Appearances

March 31stNick KCAs
Book signing TLO at The Grove, 2pm (Sparks)
April 1stCBS Sunday Morning (rumored source)
April 3rdBoston Screening with Q&A (source; Taylor)
Chicago screening with TLO signing, Showplace ICON (1, 2; Sparks)
April 5thJay Leno (source)
Book signing TLO at Indigo Yorkdale, 7pm (Sparks)
April 9thSydney Premiere at Event Cinemas, Westfield Bondi Junction, 6pm (1, 2)
April 10thSunrise on 7
The Today Show (Channel 9)
April 11thMelbourne Premiere at Village Cinemas Crown, 6pm
April 12thAdelaide premiere! at Event Cinemas, Westfield Marion, 6pm (source)
April 15thCamp Pendleton Screening and Autographs (1, 2; Zac, Taylor and Sparks)
April 16thLA Premiere
Jimmy Kimmel
Reelz Channel - Hollywood Dailies segment
April 19thLive! with Kelly, cohost Seth Meyers
The Today Show, one segment alone and one with Taylor (source)
April 21stReelz Channel - Mark at the Movies segment
April 23rdLondon Premiere at Curzon Cinema Chelsea (source)
Rachel Ray Show airing
Daybreak on ITV (rumored on twitter)
April 25thBerlin Premiere at Sony Center CineStar Original (source)
April 27thGraham Norton airs. Not sure when taping (source)

Release Dates

April 19thAustralia, NZ, Singapore, Hungary
April 20thUS, Canada
April 25thItaly
April 26thGermany
April 27thAustria(?), Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden
May 2ndUK, Ireland
May 3rdArgentina, Chile, Croatia
May 4thBrazil, Mexico
May 17thRussia, Ukraine
May 25thSpain
June 6thBelgium
June 7thDenmark, Netherlands
June 14thPortugal
June 15thPoland
June 16thJapan
June 21stGreece
June 28thHong Kong
August 3rdNorway


The Lucky One/Nicholas Sparks Potluck House Party
A Trip to the LA Premiere from the TLO US FB
TLO US FB - Win a Hometown Screening

Sydney Red Carpet Contest from TV New Zealand
Australian TLO Tour
Adelaide Red Carpet Contest from FruChocs
Adelaide Red Carpet Contest from Mix 102.3
Tickets to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide premieres from Roadshow Pictures

UK Premiere Tickets from the TLO UK FB
UK Red Carpet Reporter Contest from Yahoo OMG UK

Gala.de Berlin Premiere Contest
light fantastic

Ellen, TLO trailers and UK premiere date, NYE DVD/Bluray info

Most of it we've seen, but here is the majority of the Ellen interview from her YT channel:

Just in case you missed anything, here are the other parts of the interview: the duet, dance dares, and Taylor's cat fail. The final interview segment wasn't included so I put it here. That's where Zac talks about Audrey Geisel sending him a letter. And if you want, I made an MP3 of their song here, 'It's really weird, really weird.'

There were two trailers for The Lucky One released, international last week and a second trailer this week. The previous trailer and featurette really has all the footage, except for this:

But if you want to watch them again, Collapse )

Also MarkMeets posted that the UK Premiere for TLO is scheduled for April 23rd, location TBA.

Since we're starting to get TLO info, I got the schedule up here.

And I think I haven't posted yet but the dvd/blu-ray for New Year's Eve is scheduled for release on May 1, 2012. I think some of the bonus features will overlap promo videos but hopefully the deleted scenes and the gag reel will be interesting (aka I hope they include all footage of Zac and Michelle dancing). For more info, click here.