January 25th, 2012

light fantastic

How does this even happen?

I retwittered this awhile ago but I never posted it. Since it still makes me chuckle every time it comes up in twitter search, I decided it ought to be memorialized here forever.

Seriously, where did they get that poster? I tried google searching 'footloose poster', 'new footloose poster', and 'footloose poster zac efron' with no luck. Searching 'new footloose zac efron' I got a picture of the Frontier Airlines magazine mistake from Huffington Post on page 9. I finally got the original(?) photoshop of this sort of close to the top of the Google results with 'new footloose poster zac efron'. Those last two search combos on Bing bring up the poster basically at the top... so maybe they use Bing? But still you have to include Zac's name. Which why would you? So how on earth did anyone at Frontier make this mistake? Kills me with lols.