January 18th, 2012

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Lorax/Paperboy/TLO Roundup

Lorax Posters, click for sources/bigger versions…

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Lorax Music, from THR via MTV:
Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, who is best known as the producer behind such hits as Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” has signed on as executive song producer for the forthcoming animated movie Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax. It’s his second foray into film. Last year, he served as executive music consultant on Burlesque…

Stewart has co-written the movie’s single with composer John Powell, screenwriter Cinco Paul as well as Ester Dean, who appears on Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass.”

“I'm a big kid and I have a 15-month-old daughter so I'm constantly listening to sounds at home and watching what intrigues a child mentally or visually,” Stewart tells The Hollywood Reporter. “And I love Dr. Seuss. That hat had mad swag.”

Paperboy, from CriticizeThis:
D Films appears to be filling the void left by the Alliance acquisition of Maple Pictures and is quickly becoming the “litte Canadian distributor that could."

…And just today they have announced they got the exclusive Canadian rights to Lee Daniels’ follow-up to Precious, The Paperboy, a thriller

TLO, from TLO FB, head there to ask Zac your questions:

Also, Taylor tells MTV that a day at work kissing Zac is hardly a chore (not surprising)...
MTV: First up for you this year is "The Lucky One," co-starring Zac Efron. Let's cut to the obvious question: Is kissing Zac as amazing as one might imagine?

Schilling: Oh my gosh. I'm not going to let you down. It's not a bad way to make a paycheck.

MTV: My favorite Nicholas Sparks movie motif is the rain-drenched makeout scene. From the trailer, it appears you and Zac share a steamy smooch under a showerhead, which is a bit of a twist. What I'm wondering, technically speaking, is if there's any special choreography to ensure you don't drown with all that water falling on you?

Schilling: [Laughs] No, there didn't seem to be a problem.

LOL there, I think I'm caught up mostly. I've got some big projects going on right now irl. I'm trying to retwitter things as we go but some are just not that new/central to Zac and a lot of these smaller, more tangential things will be kept for roundups, jsyk. I am very excited to hear more about Liberal Arts out of Sundance which starts soon.
light fantastic

Cool story out of DeKalb

DeKalb artist Justin McAllister was commissioned to make a work of art in his favorite medium, Sharpies, as a gift for Zac. The story of how this came to be started back during filming of the Bahrani pic. The Zac part is below, but please read more about McAllister and his style at midweeknews.com:
“I drew a picture of him, and I asked one of my friends who was a set assistant if he could get it to Zac, even if I could get a picture of him holding it,” McAllister recalled. Throughout the weeks of production in DeKalb County, McAllister’s friend held onto the 18-by-24-inch color drawing of Efron, but he could never find quite the right opportunity to present the drawing to the actor.

McAllister’s break came during the last days of production, when the son of one of the crew members was diagnosed with a serious illness and the movie’s producers decided to hold a fundraiser for the family. That was just the opportunity McAllister’s friend needed to present the Sharpie drawing to Efron.

“Zac signed the drawing I had done of him and they invited me to meet him, and then they donated the drawing to the fundraiser,” McAllister said. “They thanked me for that, and they said that maybe they would eventually want something else for Zac. That’s really how it started – I sat around biting my nails for two months waiting for them to call me.”

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I loooooove his colors.

Random facts: The Bruce Lee work took an estimated
120 hours and $50 worth of Sharpies to complete.

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