December 10th, 2011

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Early Box Office Estimates and Reviews

I promise that the NYC post is coming soon. That is what I get for working and then going to see New Year's Eve two nights in a row (one was free or I wouldn't have gone twice, lol).

Early numbers indicated a high teens number for NYE. Variety originally reported:
Box office watchers peg the ensemble comedy's Friday take somewhere between $7 million and $8 million, which would position the Garry Marshall-helmed pic to bow in the high teens to low twenties for the weekend - slightly more modest than expectations in the low to mid twenties.

But as the evening returns came in, the Friday number sank and so did the weekend numbers. Nikki Finke on Deadline estimates (as of late last night) a $5.5 Friday and a $16 million weekend. Gitesh Pandya of Boxofficguru calls $5.1 Friday and a $14+ weekend. However that is still good enough for number one... though number one on the second (or possibly even the absolute) worst weekend of the year :/ To put it in perspective, most summer weekends this film would've been number 4 not number 1.

Obviously the film underperformed. I don't think it had a chance of doing as well as Valentine's Day which opened at a whopping $63 million but that was on Valentine's Day weekend and it was a four-day weekend to boot. But this is still massively underwhelming at half what this week's pre-release tracking estimated. Certainly WB was expecting $20 million at least (probably higher, more like the $27 million that He's Just Not That Into You managed) so they have to be sad pandas today. To me it seemed like promo really didn't kick into gear until too late... with only a couple weeks to build up interest. And maybe it was too early in the month, idk idk. But at least WB reportedly kept the budget down so overall I think it will make money but definitely not what was hoped for.

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