May 17th, 2011

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Misc.: Possible TLO poster, Daniels on Paperboy, at WB, and more from the LAFH Awards

A lot of people have seen via twitter there is a test screening for The Lucky One tomorrow evening. Thanks to actionvaughn, we have an ultra low quality cap of the poster version they used in the invitation.

Bear in mind, we have no idea if this is a finalized version or just some mock up for temporary use, so please don't advertise it as official.

Precious and soon-to-be The Paperboy director Lee Daniels did an interview with 'The Georgia Voice', an LGBT media outlet, in anticipation of his attendance at the 24th Annual Atlanta HRC Dinner on May 14th. The article briefly mentions The Paperboy (highlight for potential spoilers):

Daniels' next project is “The Paperboy,” which is based on the novel by National Book Award-winner Pete Dexter. Daniels describes it as “a love story between two brothers,” where one learns to accept that his brother is gay.

From what I understand, I think Ward is the latter. ETA: The Paperboy is Jack, the younger brother, and that is who Zac is expected to play. It is unclear who is playing older brother Ward, but based on age, my personal guess is Tobey.

Zac was reportedly at WB yesterday Friday (per twitter):

E! Online's Marc Malkin posted a tiny blurb on the LAFH Awards:
That was Zac Efron on Thursday at the 2011 L.A. Family Housing Awards at the Music Box Theatre, where he mingled with event chair Warner Bros. exec Blair Rich and actress Cody Horn, among others.

As jeezbee pointed out in comments, Zac was actually on the event committee for the awards alongside WB marketing exec Sue Kroll, The Lucky One producer Denise Di Novi and event chair Rich. Cody Horn is not just an actress but also daughter of Alan Horn, former WB President and COO.
light fantastic

Deadline talks to Lee Daniels at Cannes

Pete Hammond of Deadline spoke to Lee Daniels about The Paperboy at a Cannes buyers party hosted by exec producer Avi Lerner. Excerpts:
An Oscar nominee just over a year ago, director Lee Daniels (Precious) was in Cannes yesterday talking up his latest film, The Paperboy, a thriller that is sort of an arty cross between Basic Instinct and Body Heat which he starts shooting in New Orleans in July with Matthew McConoughey, Zac Efron, Tobey Maguire (in a bad boy role) and Modern Family's Sofia Vergara...

Daniels said the film came about only after he spent a year post-Precious trying to get his film, Selma off the ground only to see it collapse just as it was nearing production. Daniels told me with all the Oscar success of Precious, not to mention his own Directing and Best Picture nomination that he thought getting projects rolling would be a snap. Not so. He says it is as hard as ever but now is extremely happy things have fallen into place for this film which likely will be aimed for a summer 2012 release...

Daniels says the movie is a wild ride, completely unexpected with roles that are unlike any these actors have played before.

If Tobey is in a 'bad boy role', that is probably not older brother Ward. Which means maybe Matthew is playing Ward, though I just feel like he's too old. Who knows, lol... all just guesses for the moment and we'll find out sooner or later.