April 30th, 2011

light fantastic

this girl, i'm crying

Tom Lennon talks about texting Zac, red-head girl flips out and is definition of second-hand embarrassment.

Tom Lennon re: Zac from Pop My Culture podcast

It would, of course, be awesome if Zac would work with Tom again.

Source via twitter...idk who first but ty to whomever it was :)

One other note re: Me and Orson Welles. It just played at Ebertfest and Linklater was there to talk about it. He also gave away MAOW posters and soundtracks that he made himself. He, I guess like us, wasn't too impressed with the ones the promo team made when the movie was released originally. I'm not holding my breath but it would be lovely if his poster version gets uploaded so we can see his vision for it.
light fantastic

idk what it is but i just love a man in glasses

I was just thinking the other day how I really wish we had outtakes from the Parade photoshoot last year. Especially the ones with glasses. And by some stroke of luck, one popped up today on twitter:

I originally saw it here, do not know from whence it came.

Also ty to metrocard who posted a scan to zf of Taylor Schilling from Nylon's Young Hollywood issue, click for bigger:

The Zac part: