March 19th, 2011

light fantastic

for audrey - "zac efron gets eaten by wolves"

which is what everyone thinks when they watch 'frozen' but really it is kevin zegers... zac's look alike. and here is kevin being asked/harassed about looking like zac.

1st mention:

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poor kevin, that was super awkward, lol

also update on me: i'm only really sort of half back, these are the first days i have had energy to do more online than twitter a couple times but that is still coming and going... so if i miss comments/twitters/etc i'm sorry. and i am still working back up to posting. it is amazingly enough very tiring to do... picture posts especially intimidate me right now. so i know having jeezbee and shruti post things might be uncomfortable in some ways, but i can't even imagine how i would've caught up or this would've stayed updated without their continuing help. thanks to them. and thanks to everyone who has sent positive thoughts and gifts. positive thoughts are what got me through this so far and will take me the rest of the way.
-- cady