December 19th, 2010

light fantastic

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III Tonight!

And to get ready, here is a round up of some recent quotes about Zac and Anakin.

About Anakin:

The episode plays out less like a Robot Chicken episode and more along the lines of a parody movie with a linear plot that takes time to make jokes as often as possible. The story is presented from the perspective of the villains. Particularly Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and curiously a random Stormtrooper named Gary. Much of Vader’s story is from his days as Anakin Skywalker following him from being a child into adulthood.

I'm actually really glad this was explained cause the ads mostly focus on Vader not Anakin so I was wondering how much Zac we'd get even. It makes sense though to use Vader in ads since he is image of Star Wars really.

From Inside TV - EW
[Seth Green] on mining the prequels for humor:

There’s so much important storytelling there. With all that character development, that’s where our comedy comes from. Like for that scene in our new special [which parodies Padme’s rejection of Anakin in a romantic candlelit room from Attack of the Clones by showing her stripping for him], we took Anakin’s dialogue exactly from that scene in the movie. Watch that scene. That’s exactly his dialogue. And we were like, what is she doing? It’s unfair, I’ve got to say. I think she’s leading him on.


So with Zac Efron on the special, does that mean we get to hear Anakin sing?

Seth: Nope. Anakin doesn't sing. But we did take advantage of Seth MacFarlane's vocal stylings though. He's the Emperor.

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