December 17th, 2010

light fantastic

Piano >>>>> Sailing/Basketball/Baseball/etc

From The Daily Comet:
Since he began taking piano lessons at age 5, Adam Mayon knew his talent would do big things for him.

Now 20, the Morgan City native received a full scholarship to Loyola University, won a state competition and landed a spot in a movie...

Mayon said he was recently filmed as a hand-double for Zac Efron in a movie named “The Lucky One,” which has not yet been released.

“It was a good opportunity, because now I have my name in the film industry,” he said.

OIC, playing an instrument requires more skill than physical efforts like sailing or baseball or basketball...

Though I can also see that having a skilled pianist would be better and less time-consuming for close-up shots of the hands. I do hope Z learned it well enough for the wide shots.
light fantastic

ok i fully agree cstc sucked overall but zac was good... i'm not just imagining that

That Owen Gleiberman...

Though I am really sad about Charlie St. Cloud in the end... and not just cause most people unfairly equate bad quality with bad actor.

It's more because I think the concept had a lot of potential :/ maybe if Stephen King had written it.

I comfort myself though, knowing that The Tourist has an equally bad rating on metacritic and worse on Rotten Tomatoes. And for all the bitching people did about how small the opening for CStC was... The Tourist had not one teen A-lister but two mainstream A-listers and only did $4 million more (though I'm sure it will do better long-term).