December 1st, 2010

light fantastic

Robot Chicken stuffs, lol + moviefone mentor + Happy Hanukkah

First off... sorry this is now so late (my ADD was out of control today clearly), but Hanukkah started today and so I wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it a HAPPY HANUKKAH! :D

Jeezbee let me know a few days ago but the Robot Chicken date was apparently incorrectly reported as Dec 12th initially. It is actually airing on Dec 19th:

She also had saved some non-Zac related images of the RC team's work from Seth Green's Twitter, check them Collapse )

I've heard there are ads running during Adult Swim (I think), but I haven't found them online.

However there was a preview shown at Star Wars Celebration V awhile back and I don't think I ever posted that so :D

Anakin at 11:10:

Collapse )

Moviefone's Career Advice, see full article with other young actors here.

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