October 24th, 2010

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I don't care if this is true or not

Zac Efron returned home after being on a publicity tour for “Charlie St. Cloud,” only to hear sounds in his Hollywood Hills home that were reminiscent of a ghost, says Shelby Loosch of Globe.

Lucky for Efron, it wasn't a being from the supernatural world making all that racket. Instead, it was merely a racoon who was hiding in a box of clothes that were heading to Goodwill.

While looking through the box, Zac Efron felt a bit teary, because there was a whole tiny family of baby raccoons living in a nest. Zac was feeling misty because the mother ran away as soon as he found its hangout.

Not to be deterred, Efron called a wild animal specialist who captured the animal and returned the mommy to her kids. The family was then returned to life in the wild.


light fantastic

The Lorax is prob my fav Dr. Seuss story

From USA Today:

The Once-ler is ready for his close-up.

Previously incarnated only as a pair of long green arms in Dr. Seuss' storybook The Lorax, this villain will appear in the flesh — or is it fur? — in the big-screen 3-D adaptation planned for release in March 2012.

The 1971 book revealed the Once-ler as a greedy creature who visits a colorful forest full of Truffala trees and begins chopping them down to harvest their tufts, only to wipe out every last one — and the frolicking Bar-ba-loots, Humming-fish and Swomee-Swans to boot.

The tale starts with a boy visiting the aged Once-ler as he recounts how he long ago ignored the preachy little Lorax, who appeared at the start of the reckless chopping to "speak for the trees."

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Ed Helms of The Office will voice the Once-ler, and Danny DeVito will play the Lorax, described in the book as: "shortish. And oldish/And brownish. And mossy" who "spoke with a voice/ that was sharpish and bossy."

"The Lorax certainly has this very lofty mission, the protector of the trees and all things natural," Meledandri says. "But his personality is ... he's a bit gruff and grouchy. He should be. He's losing."

The film expands Seuss' story to give the curious unnamed boy more of a back story, dubbing him Ted (after the author) and giving him a grandmother (voiced by Betty White) who recalls the days when the world was clean and full of life. Zac Efron voices the boy.

"They live in an outrageously artificial world where all things natural have been replaced by plastic and steel. It's like living in Las Vegas," Meledandri jokes.

The movie becomes a quest as the boy first seeks out the Once-ler, then goes in search of the Lorax, who vanished after the last of the trees were destroyed. There may be hope yet in restoring what was lost — an idea the book suggested but left open-ended.

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